Special Events

Special Events

The LOUD Crowd

Groups Meet Wednesday Mornings from 10:00 to 11:00am

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment® is an intensive speech therapy intervention for Parkinson Disease. Following completion of the 4-week program each patient enters the maintenance phase of the Northern California Voice Project’s program and becomes a member of the “LOUD Crowd.” Parkinson’s is a progressive disease and it is necessary to meet the challenge of maintaining the speech and swallowing gains attained from the intensive therapy program. The Loud Crowd provides support, encouragement, and continued care from a certified speech-language pathologist. Patients who participate in continued voice maintenance have been shown to maintain their improved voices for more than five years.

“I feel so much better about the way I sound and this has boosted my confidence.”


  • Participants must have completed LSVT® Therapy prior to entering the group.
  • Group cost is $15 dollars a session – paid at the beginning of each session.