Social Pragmatic Skills

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Social Pragmatic Skills

Social skill impairment is a common feature of children with ASD or processing disorders. A common misconception is that these children lack interest in relating with others. These children do not choose to alienate themselves- they simply don’t know how to interact with their peers because they are missing the skills that are essential for developing meaningful social peer relationships.

    Common social skills weaknesses include:

  • Using appropriate social greetings
  • Initiating social conversations
  • Opening and closing a conversation
  • Initiating peer interaction and joining play
  • Interpreting facial expressions and body language
  • Observing and imitating appropriate social and behavior in specific situations
  • Predicting and understanding the emotions and reactions of others
    Our Treatment Program:

  • Participate in a social skills screening to determine which level will be most appropriate
  • Be placed in a group with others whose skills are closely matched
  • Be expected to start and complete the 8 week program
  • Participate in a home program that will supplement and enhance the social skills program’s success
    We offer Specialized Social Skills Groups:

  • Ages 3–6
  • Ages 7–12
  • Teens
  • Autism Spectrum


We do not participate in IEPs, Due Process Hearings or Fair Hearings. If you require follow up information beyond the evaluation report, you may request a letter of support for additional information that you may need for your child.